Lesson Plan Assignment

For this assignment, you need to create a lesson plan based on one of the learning archetypes for a lesson in Second Life. The lesson can be for any academic or training topic that you would like. The idea is for you to create something that an instructional designer can use to create and design a lesson plan to teach a specific objective in a 3D learning environment.

Here is the template for creating the lesson and the evaluation sheet:

Machinima Tips

Here is a list of the software you can use to create machinima. (you can use any that you want, this is just an example)
  • Second Life
  • SnagIT
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • WinAVI
  • If you don't want to read your script while you are creating your video I recommend using Adobe Audition.


Here is what one student did.

So first I changed the Second Life window size to second smallest by going to File -> Set Window Size -> 640x480.
This provides an appropriate window size for a video to be uploaded to youtube without losing quality.
you should write a script. Do not try to go through it impromptu. It is definitely not a good idea.

I then loaded up SnagIT and used the record feature to capture my video and record my dialog.

For freeze frame captures I used Photoshop to edit the pictures appropriately so I saw what I wanted to see. I then used Snag IT again, selected my picture and recorded my narration over that.

I then used a mixture of Window Movie Maker and winavi to link the avis together that SnagIT created. I did this mainly because Movie Maker has a bug that causes it to crash after you add more than 7 clips. (I BELIEVE THIS IS NOW FIXED)

After I added everything into Windows Movie Maker I saved it and converted it into a .wmv. (There are several other programs out there.) The demo version of WinAVI will put a watermark on your video.

Machinimia Project
The Machinimia project is designed to enable you to become familiar with the recording function of SL and to show how SL can be used to create an educational piece using the avatars as actors.

Warning: You may want to strongly consider using Snag-IT, Fraps, or ishowU for Mac, Movie Make or iMovie to create your finished project. It seems that the SL machinimia function is not as robust as one would like. Here is a sample of a finished product by one of your fellow students. You can use this as a guide to creating your project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhTtRCXTK74

Here is a helpful article on Machinimia http://www.machinima.com/article.php?article=433 Here is a link to some Machinima Frequently Asked Questions http://www.machinima.org/machinima-faq.html#laymen

To record in Second Life:
Go to File > Start/Stop Movie to Disk or press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "A". A window will open that will ask you where you want to save your movie. There is a bug that will not let you save your movie on your desktop (or a folder on your desktop) so choose an alternate location! A new window will open asking you to choose a compression; the full frames option gives you the highest quality video. When you press OK your recording will start. To stop recording go to File > Start/Stop Movie to Disk or press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "A".
For more tips on recording in Second Life go to: http://secondlife.com/app/help/guides/movies.php

The short “film” must be a 5-10 minutes long. (LENGTH WILL BE DETERMINED BY SCRIPT). You will be using a location in Second Life (I"ll send the SLURL as the office in which you will "film" your Machinimia) Your machinimia must have the following criteria.

1) Must be 5 minutes long (minimum) and no longer than 10 minutes. (over 10 minutes and YouTube won't take it)
2) Must include voice over so the learner knows what he/she is doing. (you may need to use another video editing software to achieve this goal)
3) Must follow the script.
4) Must be professional sounding..
5) Must clearly teach a concept or idea.
6) Must be clear and well filmed.
7) Must have an initial and ending "fade to black"
8) It must be provided in wmv format.
10) I will place you into teams
11) Language, tone and content must be professional.


To remove extra "stuff" from the screen:
On a PC hold: Control, Window, Alt, F!
On a MAC: Control, Alt/Option, F1

For best graphics:
Edit, Preferences, Graphics, On SL browser 2.0 use Me, Preferences, Graphics, take slider to the highest setting.

To Zoom:
Hold Alt and Click on Something and then use mouse to move closer or further away.

To Tilt:
Hold Alt, press Control, and move mouse in and out.

To Change Lighting:
Got to World, then click on Sun, Environmental Editor, Advanced Sky and Advanced Water, (play around to get effects you want). To go back to default, go to the first setting (Default) and you will return to default.

Storyboard your shots.