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What is Second Life?
Second Life is an online universe (known as a Metaverse) that provides visitors the opportunity to create their own environment within a 3D virtual space. This ability has attracted many educators who see the potential to create exciting, vibrant worlds for immersing students in rich learning experiences.

How Do I Sign Up?
To sign up for Second Life, you need to go to www.secondlife.com and create an account. Basic accounts are free. You then can create any first name you like but you need to choose a last name from the list provided. There are really two grids or versions of Second Life. One is for adults and that is the main grid for Second Life. The other is called the Teen Grid and that is for kids ages 13-17. As an adult you are not allowed on the teen grid unless it is specifically for educational purposes. More about restrictions on the teen grid can be found at the Second Life web site.

What Can I Do In Second Life?
Second Life is limited only by an educator or trainer’s imagination. You can create environments that mimic the classroom experience (chairs, tables, slide presentation) or you can create new experiences (travel to a space station, visit a volcano, go to ancient lands) or you can create training through role plays (selling items to a customer, conducting an interview). The only limit is your imagination and abilities to create items in the world.