Summer 2012 Lesson Plan Assignment

Lesson Plan - Rumpff - Morocco: The Cultural Melting Pot of Northern Africa
Lesson Plan - Quinn - Eclipse Exhibit in Exploratorium

Lesson Plan: The Great Wall of China
Lesson Plan: Tour of Paris in 1900:
Lesson Plan: Volcanoes

Lesson Plan: History and Culture of Paris

Lesson Plan: Rediscovering Dinosaurs in Second Life

Lesson Plan: Learning Animal Management in a Virtual Environment
Lesson Pan; Under Water Exploration

Lesson Plan: The States and Their Capitals

Lesson Plan: How Big is the Solar System?
Lesson Plan: Cells Genes and Molecules
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Lesson Plan: The Earth and Beyond: , Michelle Campbell, Avatar Mlmyers Raleigh

Lesson Plan: At the mouth of the well of Itza , Seth Baker, avatar: Nilson Panache

Lesson Plan: Exploration of Global Warming: , , Adam Yerger, avatar Merle Yazimoto

Lesson Plan: Teaching Tsunami Formation in Second Life: , Brandie Shatto, avatar Brandie Funizza

Lesson Plan: Liz Jenson, avatar Fancy Bombastic

Lesson Plan: Exploring the 9 planets: Steve Gaydon, avatar SteveGRulez Kamala

Lesson Plan: Frank Lloyd Wright and Modern Architecture: - Joe Runciman, avatar Wi11iam Bernheim

Lesson Plan: Becoming a Skydiver: - Christine Hufford, avatar Bells Pixelmaid

Lesson Plan: The value of coins Long_LessonPlan.pdf - Susan Long, avatar Sarkina Hadisson

Lesson Plan: Visiting Second Health London : Getting familiar with visiting places in Second Life - Anup Sharma, avatar Ron Xenga

Lesson Plan: Building a Shelter in Second Life Gemechisa-Building-LessonPlan.doc- Siyade Gemechisa

Lesson Plan: Building Structures in SL - - Dixie Dorward

Lesson Plan: Building a House in Second Life: ThomasSLLLessonPlan.docx (Philip L. Thomas)

Lesson Plan: Building Structures in Second Life DePalma-LessonPlan.doc- Mike DePalma

Lesson Plan: Role-Playing Hospital Situations in Second Life for PSU nursing students: (John Kolessar)

Lesson Plan" Building a Shelter in SL - (Jason Ramos)

Lesson Plan :“Creating a Small Shelter in Second Life”
Lesson Plan: "Learning the Basics of Second Life: Shelter Training and Storing Object" Lynn Tarnowski
Lesson Plan: Smart Building in Second Life by Brett Simpson.

Lesson Plan: How to Build a Basic Structure using Second Life. -Anthony Anoia
Lesson Plan: How to Build a Basic Structure in Second Life -Jennifer Hancock

Lesson Plan: Basic Building in Second Life: (Joanna Kreisher)
Lessson Plan: Building Simple Structures in Second Life
-Jennifer Abshire

Lesson Plan: Exploring Impossible Constructs Via MC Escher (in SL) sittler+lesson+plan+--+SL[1].pdfsittler+lesson+plan+--+SL[1].pdf (Ryan L. Sittler)

Lesson Plan:Creating Note Cards and Attaching Note Cards to Objects Using Scripting (Mark Kreisher)

Lesson Plan: ESL - Present tense and sightseeing vocabulary (Navalin Williamson)

Lesson Plan: - Tony Steuer

Lesson Plan: Hurricanes 101 - Brady Darkmatter (Lance Bittner)