Moving Around

There are several ways of moving around in Second Life.

You can walk in Second Life by pressing your arrows keys on your keyboard. You can move forward, backward and turn to the sides. Most of the time, you are looking over the shoulder of your avatar. However, you can switch to Mouseview which is the first menu item under View. This lets you see everything from a first person perspective. Understand that in Mouseview, you don't have access to all the controls you do in the third-person view.


On the bottom of the screen is a button labeled Fly. Click that button and you will begin to fly. Use your arrow keys to move forward, backward and side to side. Use the PageUp key to move higher in the sky. Use the PageDown key to move lower in the sky. Flying is a great way to move around quickly in Second Life.

A really quick way to move from location to location is to Teleport. This automatically moves you across great distances. To teleport, you need to know the location to which you are traveling and its coordinates. Press the blue Map button to show a window that reveals places to input your desired location and its coordinates. In the third gray box enter the name of the location to which you want to teleport. In the Location field, enter the coordinates. Then click Teleport.


You can also move from place to place by establishing landmarks. As you can see in the image above, the second gray rectangle is a place where you can see landmarks that you have established. Simply click on the downward triangle to see a list of all the landmarks you have created, select the desired landmark and then click on the the Teleport button and off you go.

To establish a landmark, all you need to do is go to the upper menu and select the item labeled World. The fifth item down is labeled Create Landmark Here. This will allow you to create a landmark so you can easily visit the place later. If you want to try a land mark go to the Kapp's Land page and visit the location and then set it up as a landmark.

Riding Vehicles
In Second Life, you can drive, fly, ride and control a large number of objects. Mostly you use the WASD keys on the keyboard to operate the equipment. Most vehicles you purchase comes with a notecard describing how to operate the vehicle. Purchase a motorcyle or obtain a free car from a car company and give it a try. The pie shaped navigation circle will give you a "Ride" or "Drive" or "Fly" option for you to control the vehicle.
ride_command.jpg fly.jpg