Learning in 3D

Class Description

Immersive learning environments are gaining more and more attention but there are few guidelines to inform the development and encouragement of productive learning (formal or informal) within these environments. Questions like should the environment be designed to encourage collaboration? What is the right approach with a large number of learners? How do you encourage learners to interact with each other? What is the role of an instructor in one of these 3D environments? This class provides educators, corporate trainers and others with information on how a 3D world can been used to foster and promote informal and formal learning within the classroom and online

This educational session will give insights into how popular 3D worlds are being used and how academic institution and corporations are encouraging collaboration through design, working with multiple learners and encouraging learners to interact with each other and the instruction. Case studies will be reviewed as well as providing a list of “dos and don’ts” for 3D worlds. An emphasis will be placed on designing immersive environments to provide situational learning events that provide the learners with an opportunity to learn in natural environments.

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